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Conceptual Production Plant of Calcium Chloride from

Conceptual Production Plant Of Calcium Chloride From

The scope of study for this project will cover on the calcium chloride production route, yield and parameter. This is because to design a pilot plant for calcium chloride production a study on existing process route must be known. Besides, the yield and the operating parameters must be investigated to ensure optimization in calcium chloride

CN105883884A Method for preparing industrial calcium

Cn105883884a Method For Preparing Industrial Calcium

Calcium hydroxide in the thiourea waste residues and hydrochloric acid are subjected to an acid-base neutralization reaction, and industrial calcium chloride products are obtained. With the...

Cradletogate life cycle assessment of precipitated

Cradletogate Life Cycle Assessment Of Precipitated

Dec 01, 2014 The main PCC production method is the so-called carbonation process, in which limestone CaCO 3 is first calcined in a lime kiln to calcium oxide, slaked with water to calcium hydroxide, and then reacted with gaseous carbon dioxide to calcium carbonate.

US8603428B2 Method of producing calcium carbonate

Us8603428b2 Method Of Producing Calcium Carbonate

According to the process scheme of FIG. 1, calcium is first selectively extracted from the alkaline industrial waste or by-products step a, such as the iron- and steelmaking slag, using a first...

Calcium leaching from waste steelmaking slag Significance

Calcium Leaching From Waste Steelmaking Slag Significance

This process is suitable for metallurgical slag, and it can be used to prepare high-purity calcium carbonate, while also sequestering CO 2 on-site however, the leached slag is transformed into ...

Production of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate from Steel

Production Of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate From Steel

Jan 01, 2014 As a by-product of the Solvay process, used to manufacture sodium carbonate and calcium chloride from sodium chloride and calcium carbonate, also calcium carbonate is precipitated. This occurs when the process solution containing ammonium chloride and sodium bicarbonate is contacted with calcium hydroxide to recover gaseous ammonia, and the saturation with respect to

Process engineering approach to conversion of alum sludge

Process Engineering Approach To Conversion Of Alum Sludge

Focus was made on calcium removal due to the fact it is usually the most prevalent alkaline earth ion in natural ground and river waters . Equilibrium isotherm profiles for both the simple calcium chloride solution and river water are compared in Fig. 7. Download Download high-res image 43KB Download Download full-size image Fig. 7.

The Effects of Chloride from Waste Water on the

The Effects Of Chloride From Waste Water On The

universal waste, and used oil. Chloride can be found in any of these waste streams. Morris also has industries which discharge brine water, containing chloride, every day. Observation and Experimentation The City of Morris tested the sewage ponds chloride content in 2012. The results were as follows Date Chloride Concentration

Emission factors in kg CO2equivalent per unit

Emission Factors In Kg Co2equivalent Per Unit

Material Other Waste Waste ton 5014.67 Material Other Waste Waste plastics ton 201,739.67 ... Process Water Other Tap water m3 0.32 Process Water Other Water m3 0.03 ... Reagent Chemical CaCl2 Calcium chloride, CaCl2, CaCl2 kg 0.89 Reagent Chemical CH2O2 Formic acid, CH2O2 kg 2.51 Reagent Chemical CH3OH Methyl alcohol, CH3OH kg 500.66 ...

Calcium extraction from steelmaking slag and production

Calcium Extraction From Steelmaking Slag And Production

This chapter proposes a new process of CO2 fixation via carbonation of calcium contents in waste concrete or slag by using a solution of weak base-strong acid salt.

Pilotscale Experimental Work on the Production of

Pilotscale Experimental Work On The Production Of

Aug 25, 2014 Producing precipitated calcium carbonate PCC from steelmaking slag Slag2PCC is a way to reduce CO2 emissions while at the same time turning slag waste into a valuable product. In the Slag2PCC process, a solution of ammonium chloride NH4Cl is used to extract calcium from steelmaking slag which is then bubbled with a CO2-containing gas in a ...

2614 ab Main Menu

2614 Ab Main Menu

xix Chloride process waste solids from titanium tetrachloride production xx Slag from primary zinc processing. 8 Cement kiln dust waste, except as provided by 266.112 of this chapter for facilities that burn or process hazardous waste.

EPAEnforcement Alert Hardous Waste Management at

Epaenforcement Alert Hardous Waste Management At

the anhydrous process 16. Process wastewater from phosphoric acid production 17. Basic oxygen furnace and open hearth furnace air pollution control dustsludge from carbon steel production 18. Basic oxygen furnace and open hearth slag from carbon steel production 19. Chloride process waste solids from titanium tetrachloride production and 20.

Chlorides Removal and Control through Waterwashing

Chlorides Removal And Control Through Waterwashing

Jan 01, 2016 Materials The MSWI fly ash for this research, which appears to be grey colour, comes from Beijing municipal solid waste incineration plants in China. About 80 of the particle size is below 100 m. Bulk density of the fly ash is around 0.73gcm3. Moisture content is about 4.22 and pH for the filtrate of the fly ash is about 12.72.

The method of extraction of manganese from waste

The Method Of Extraction Of Manganese From Waste

Slag manganese metal was crushed to a particle size 0,020 mm, was mixed with a solution of calcium chloride and iron 40,9 wt. l 2 of 4.8 wt. FeCl 2 and was stirred for 2, 4 and 6 h, after which the solid electee manganese at 4 - and 6-hour exposure was the same as with 2-hour exposure.

Site Visit Reports to Mines and Mineral Processing

Site Visit Reports To Mines And Mineral Processing

As part of the goldsteel wool smelting process, sodium nitrate, silica, and borax are added as fluxes to remove impurities to form a slag. A slag is generated for each pour. About 20 lb of slag are generated per 1000 oz. of gold. The slag is collected after each pour in 55-gallon drums and has the appearance of shiny black glass or obsidian.


Regenerated Calcium Aluminate Product And Process

A calcium aluminate product having about 40 CaO, about 40 Al 2 O 3, about 5 MgO, about 5 SiO 2, less than about 3 FeO, less than about 1 MnO, and less than about 0.5 S, manufactured from a composition of a liquid ladle slag releasing a latent heat and a crushed material by a method comprising a. providing said liquid ladle slag that is ...

1 Deborah A Kramer Magnesite and Magnesia from

1 Deborah A Kramer Magnesite And Magnesia From

In the Magnetherm process, suf ficient alumina is added to melt the dicalcium silicate slag that forms at around 1500o C. This permits the reactor to be heated by the electrical resistance of the slag and further allows the reaction products to be removed in the molten state. About 0.45 kg calcined bauxite or alumina, 2.7 kg dolime, and 0.45 kg

Phosphate Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using

Phosphate Removal From Aqueous Solutions Using

Blast furnace slag BF slag also has a potential as an adsorbent for removing phosphate from wastewater. BF slag is a high-volume byproduct resulting from iron-making process, in which approximately 290 kg of BF slag is pro-duced per ton of pig iron in blast furnace. In Japan, BF slag has currently been recycled in civil engineering work

Yongxiang Polysilicons Circular Economy CEIBS

Yongxiang Polysilicons Circular Economy Ceibs

Through the dry acetylene process while producing PVC, after proper drying the waste carbide slag produced can be used to produce cement. At that time, the water content of calcium carbide slag produced by Yongxiangs wet acetylene was 35-40 unless they could reduce it to 10-13, it could not be used to produce cement.

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Brief introduction of

Paper Open Access Brief Introduction Of

3.2.1. Production of calcium chloride. Calcium chloride can be made by calcium carbide slag instead of stone powder and hydrochloric acid by reaction, filtration, concentration and crystallization, dehydration, drying, etc. Calcium chloride is widely used in coolants, infrastructure antifreeze, road spray and protective agent, medicine and water.

Recovery of soluble chloride salts from the wastewater

Recovery Of Soluble Chloride Salts From The Wastewater

First, in the three-step evaporation-crystallization process, pure sodium chloride and solid mixture of sodium and potassium chlorides were obtained separately, and the remaining solution contained potassium and calcium chlorides solution A. And then, the solid mixture was fully dissolved into water solution B obtained.

Removal of Chloride from Wastewater by Advanced

Removal Of Chloride From Wastewater By Advanced

Chloride can be removed from water and wastewater by precipitation as calcium chloroaluminate using advanced softening process. This research was conducted to evaluate chloride removal using electrochemically generated aluminum hydroxide and lime. Kinetics of chloride

Treatment of molten chloride waste salt from

Treatment Of Molten Chloride Waste Salt From

Dec 31, 1994 Abstract. Chloride waste salt arises from pyrometallurgical processes for high level radioactive liquid waste HAW treatment. The immobilization of the waste has been developed experimentally using simulated salts by the following three stages 1 Li recovery from the salts into a liquid Cd cathode by electrolysis, followed by 2 fission products FPs and Na recovery into a liquid

Mining Waste Special Wastes Wastes US EPA

Mining Waste Special Wastes Wastes Us Epa

Chloride process waste solids from titanium tetrachloride production Slag from primary zinc processing This web page provides an outline of the legislative and regulatory history, and current status of the mining waste exemption.

Chapter Ten Production of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Chapter Ten Production Of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

As the calcium carbonate is produced in presence of sodium chloride, the Solvay PCC product contains 0.10 NaCl Table 1, which has contributed to the Solvay PCC process being less used than the ...

Calcium carbonate synthesis from waste concrete for

Calcium Carbonate Synthesis From Waste Concrete For

Feb 05, 2021 The amount of calcium carbonate produced according to the CO 2 injection time was calculated as M of CaCO 3 in the product compared to the initial Ca concentration M. The amount of CaCO 3 was calculated with Eq., below. 7 M C a C O 3 N t o t a l-M i n-M 580 18.02 100.08 Where M C a C O 3 is the mass of synthesized CaCO 3, N t o t a l is the number of moles of extracted

Life Cycle Assessment of Comprehensive Utilization of

Life Cycle Assessment Of Comprehensive Utilization Of

The recycling utilization of solid waste is an important technical means for the sustainable development of the cement industry in China. Calcium carbide slag is a special solid waste in China, which can be used for cement production with a great advantage on CO2 emission reduction. With an view to providing methodological and data support for the development of policies in the cement industry ...

Lead recovery and waste disposal process Ethyl Corporation

Lead Recovery And Waste Disposal Process Ethyl Corporation

Thus, this invention provides for recovery of by-product lead from reverberatory furnace lead slag and the use of waste sodiumcalcium filter sludge as the major reductant in the process. Accordingly, the present invention provides many advantageous aspects which are illustratively described hereinbelow.

Recommended Methods of Reduction Neutralization

Recommended Methods Of Reduction Neutralization

For the safe disposal of these waste materials, the acceptable criteria for their release into the environment are defined in terms of the following provisional limits Contaminant in Air Aluminum sulfate Calcium chloride Calcium hydroxide Potassium sulfate Potassium sulfide Calcium oxide Provisional Limit 0.01 mgM3 as H2 0,07 mgM3 as HC1 0 ...

Environmental Considerations of Selected Energy Conserving

Environmental Considerations Of Selected Energy Conserving

United States Environmental Protection Agency Industrial Environmental Research Laboratory Cincinnati OH 45268 EPA 600 7-79-162 August 1979 EPA Research and Development Environmental Considerations of Selected Energy- Conserving Manufacturing Process Options Volume XX ToxicsOrganics Interagency EnergyEnvironment RampD Program Report

Concept design for demonstration plant for production

Concept Design For Demonstration Plant For Production

Calcium rich ammonium chloride solvent is used in carbonation phase. In carbonation phase, calcium is carbonated with carbon dioxide. ... manufacturing and slag to PCC process. 2.2.1 Steelmaking slag Steel manufacturing process produces several types of solid waste material called slag.

Technoeconomic and environmental evaluation of nano

Technoeconomic And Environmental Evaluation Of Nano

Apr 01, 2020 Calcium ions extracted from waste steel slag, which contains a large amount of calcium, and CO 2 are the reactants of the carbonation reaction, which produces the nCaCO 3. Besides, sodium chloride solution is used to produce acid and base solutions, which are used to extract the calcium ions from the steel slag and to remove the impurities Mg ...

Pyrochemical recovery of plutonium from calcium fluoride

Pyrochemical Recovery Of Plutonium From Calcium Fluoride

A process was developed for the pyrochemical recovery of plutonium from residues resulting from the PuFsub 4 reduction process. The process involves crushing the CaFsub 2 slag and dissolving it at 800sup 0C in a CaClsub 2 solvent. The plutonium, which exists either as finely divided metal or as incompletely reduced fluoride salt, is ...

Appendix B Summary of Mineral Processing Facilities

Appendix B Summary Of Mineral Processing Facilities

Slag, slag tailings andor calcium sulfate sludge ASARCO Amarillo, TX no Electrolytic Refining Yes. Slag, slag tailings andor calcium sulfate sludge ASARCO Hayden, AZ yes Mining, Smelting and Yes. Slag, slag tailings ... Chloride process waste solids Tungsten Buffalo Tungsten Depew, NY no Processing no General Electric Euclid, OH no Processing ...