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Company Overview PT Kaltim PT Kaltim Prima Coal

Company Overview Pt Kaltim Pt Kaltim Prima Coal

Company Overview. We are a coal mining company located in the region Sangatta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. We operate of the largest open-pit Mining in the world. PT Kaltim Prima Coal KPC is an Indonesian incorporated company that engages in coal mining and sales for both domestic and international customers from various industrial sectors.

Deadly Coal coal exploitation and Kalimantans blighted

Deadly Coal Coal Exploitation And Kalimantans Blighted

Deadly Coal is the result of research from 2007 to 2009 by Indonesias mining advocacy network, JATAM, and Friends of the Earth IndonesiaWALHI. It exposes the true costs of mining for the people of Kalimantan. Coal is the latest in a series commodities used by the Indonesian government to boost macroeconomic growth.

STC Sebuku Coal Group

Stc Sebuku Coal Group

In running mining operations, both exploration and exploitation, Sebuku Coal Group always complies with existing law and regulations related to the environment. As a mining company operating in east Kalimantan Selatan, the company understands that the world is now focusing its attention to the island of Kalimantan, including South Kalimantan, as many are concerned on the rapid destruction of ...

Devastation from coal mining in South Kalimantan Indonesia

Devastation From Coal Mining In South Kalimantan Indonesia

Dec 03, 2014 Greenpeace has uncovered evidence that the intensive coal mining activities in Indonesias South Kalimantan province are discharging toxic pollution into rivers, and in some instances, violating national standards for wastewater discharges from mines. Local environmental authorities have failed to stop or prevent the violations. Due to the large amount of coal mining,

Two Indonesian coal mines declare force majeure as heavy

Two Indonesian Coal Mines Declare Force Majeure As Heavy

Aug 27, 2021 At least two local coal mines have declared force majeure due to heavy rains that hit the Kalimantan region in Indonesia, sources said. It is learned that SDJ Sungai Danau Jaya and TBR Tanah Bumbu Resources, located in Indonesias South Kalimantan province, have been declared force majeure due to extreme raining.

Independent Geologists Report on Coal Projects in

Independent Geologists Report On Coal Projects In

to provide an Independent Geologists Report on a number of coal projects on the island of Kalimantan, Indonesia. These coal projects proposed are to be acquired via a private Australian company Jack Doolan Capital Pty Ltd or JDC which, in turn, has entered into contractual arrangements to acquire them from the current owners.

Adanis coal mine in North Kalimantan devastates the local

Adanis Coal Mine In North Kalimantan Devastates The Local

Feb 04, 2020 Adani is one of those exporters, with a large coal mine on the small island of Bunyu in the province of North Kalimantan. In early 2019, an Indonesian non-government organisation called JATAM published a report describing the impacts of mining on small islands along the 5000-km archipelago of Indonesia.

The Impacts of Coal Mining on the Economy and

The Impacts Of Coal Mining On The Economy And

the coal mining industry on the economy and to do simulations to find alternative policies on the coal industry that are suitable for economic improvement and environmental sustainability. The results show that the coal mining industry in South Kalimantan Province is growing. Large-scale coal mining is more profitable economically than small-scale

Coal in Indonesia company list

Coal In Indonesia Company List

No.1, Antang road Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. PT Surya Anugerah Gemilang is consultant and supplier partner for Indonesia mining investment. Job focus help buyer or investor finding the cargo mine at coal, iron ore, nickel, manganese, galena, sand, zircon sand. Work

The Application of Discounted Cash Flow and Real

The Application Of Discounted Cash Flow And Real

Despite Indonesia being the top coal exporter in the world, there are few studies related to applying RO analysis to Indonesian coal mining projects. Keeping in mind the uncertainty and management flexibility characterizing the mining industry, this study applies RO analysis to complement the DCF method and uses PT X as a case study.

Why politics matters an insight from Indonesias flood

Why Politics Matters An Insight From Indonesias Flood

May 21, 2021 South Kalimantan is also well-known for its wealth of natural resources, as seen from the numerous mining operations in the regions. The province is the third-largest coal mining area in Indonesia. In the last decade, South Kalimantan has also become one of Indonesias largest palm oil plantation areas.

Standing for parliament and against mining in Kalimantan

Standing For Parliament And Against Mining In Kalimantan

Apr 16, 2019 Standing for parliament, and against mining in Kalimantan. Iqra Anugrah - 17 Apr, 2019. Like many other oligarchs and businesses exploiting natural resources, mining companies and their elite supporters have a lot of political clout in post-authoritarian Indonesia. This can be seen in the way mining companies have entrenched their influence in ...

Indonesias surge in COVID19 cases spreads to coal mining

Indonesias Surge In Covid19 Cases Spreads To Coal Mining

Jul 08, 2021 Indonesias surge in COVID-19 cases spreads to coal mining areas. JAKARTA Reuters - Indonesias biggest coal-producing province of East Kalimantan has recorded a spike in coronavirus cases, with miners among those infected, but so far there has been no disruption to coal operations, a local official said. The Southeast Asian country is the ...

Indonesian Coal Mining Boom Is Leaving Trail of

Indonesian Coal Mining Boom Is Leaving Trail Of

Dec 17, 2015 In South Kalimantan province, a 2014 Greenpeace study of surface and wastewater samples collected in coal-mining areas reported levels of iron and manganese in creeks and rivers that were consistently above Indonesias legal limit, and noted that 7 of 29 samples had pH readings below 3 a level of acidity found in vinegar.

BP Exploration Coal Mine Kaltim Prima Mining

Bp Exploration Coal Mine Kaltim Prima Mining

Kaltim Prima, one of the new generation of Indonesian thermal coal producers, is located in north-eastern Kalimantan. It owns mining concession areas of 90,960ha including the two mining areas of Sangatta and Bengalon. PT Kaltim Prima Coal KPC was originally jointly owned by BP and Rio Tinto.

Adaro Mining

Adaro Mining

Adaro Mining. PT Adaro Indonesia. PT Adaro Indonesia AI is the Adaro Groups largest mining company, which mainly runs coal mining operations in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan under a Coal Cooperation Agreement CCA with the Government of Indonesia until 2022 with the right to extend the contract period based on the terms and conditions in the PKP2B and the applicable laws

PDF Economic valuation of coal mining activity in

Pdf Economic Valuation Of Coal Mining Activity In

Samarinda City, a capital city of East Kalimantan province, Indonesia has relatively a. big coa l resources around 2.17 billion tonnes and coal reserve around 673.6 million. tonnes of coal ...

Samarindas deadly mining pits Inside Indonesia

Samarindas Deadly Mining Pits Inside Indonesia

Jun 21, 2016 As a result, mining has exploded across Indonesia. In East Kalimantan alone, nearly 50 per cent of the province is now covered in coal mining permits, threatening agricultural land and conservation areas. New powers for allowing district governments to issue permits did not, however, correspond with an increase in budget or capacity for local ...

GeoMine Indonesia

Geomine Indonesia

In 2007 Lufi decided to change his professional career, returned to Indonesia and established a consultant company named GEOMINE Mining and Geotechnical Consultant. In the middle of managing his consulting company, in 2013, Lufi served as Operational Director for Baramulti Group, a public national coal mining company.

Smallscale mining in Central Kalimantan Inside Indonesia

Smallscale Mining In Central Kalimantan Inside Indonesia

Oct 19, 2017 In Central Kalimantan, Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta has developed an economic model to involve traditional miners, local government and a mining company in a partnership program. While the programs primary aim was to reduce mercury use, it has also enabled miners to

Company Profile Delta Dunia

Company Profile Delta Dunia

BUMA. PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama, or often called BUMA, was established in 1998, and is currently the second largest independent coal mining contractor in Indonesia. BUMA was established as a family business, and was acquired by Delta Dunia in 2009, turning it into a professionally-run corporate. It currently holds around 20 market share by ...

Influence of understorey diversity on wildlife at the coal

Influence Of Understorey Diversity On Wildlife At The Coal

Rhizosphere fungal community, soil physicochemical properties, understorey vegetation and their relationship during post-coal mining reclamation in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Biodiversitas 20 ...

coal mining in east kalimantan richtigbewerbeneu

Coal Mining In East Kalimantan Richtigbewerbeneu

Indonesias Surge in COVID-19 Cases Hits Coal Mining Areas. Indonesias biggest coal-producing province of East Kalimantan recorded a spike in coronavirus cases, with miners among those infected, but so far there has been no disruption to coal operations, a local official said. The Southeast Asian country is the worlds biggest thermal ...

Participatory Communication and Sustainability

Participatory Communication And Sustainability

May 29, 2014 This essay tries to analyze about participatory communication, especially those currently practiced in coal mining communities in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. In addition, specific practices to facilitate participatory communication are identified and discussed.


Local And Central Political Conflict In The

Indonesia is a country rich with natural resources such as oil, gas, coal, copper, nickel and etc Kuo, 2012. Among various large scale mining in Indonesia, one of it is coal mining which widely spread in various regions in Indonesia such as Kalimantan and Sumatra Abood et al., 2015 Sunderlin, 1999.

Several Large Indonesian Palm Oil Companies Also Have

Several Large Indonesian Palm Oil Companies Also Have

Aug 17, 2021 Coal Indonesias main mining product. Indonesias coal production stood at 560.7 million tonnes in 2020, accounting for nearly 43 percent of its Gross Domestic Product GDP from mining. The main mining provinces were East Kalimantan 48 percent, South Kalimantan 32 percent, South Sumatra 9 percent and North Kalimantan 4 percent ...

Coal company list in Indonesia

Coal Company List In Indonesia

SelumitKec. Tarakan Tengah Tel. 62812445321, 6287811222837 Tarakan, Bulungan, East Kalimantan. We are Coal supplier from East Kalimantan, Indonesia, have many Grades coal for you. we Calories to appropriate with you.please send us your bid and LOI, will you our best price.

Study Coal Dynamics in Indonesia IESR

Study Coal Dynamics In Indonesia Iesr

Sumatera, South Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan. More than 90 of Indonesias coal resources and production are in those provinces In the East Kalimantan case, the coal sector contributed up to 35 of provincial GDP in 2017 By adding the oil and gas to the figure, the number almost reach half of the provincial GDP, meaning that the East

Indonesia East Kalimantan GDP distribution Statista

Indonesia East Kalimantan Gdp Distribution Statista

May 20, 2021 East Kalimantan GDP distribution in Indonesia 2017, by sector. Published by Statista Research Department , May 20, 2021. In 2017, the contribution of the coal and lignite mining

PDF The Pioneer Plant Adaptation at The Post Coal Mining

Pdf The Pioneer Plant Adaptation At The Post Coal Mining

This study objective was to evaluate plant species composition after thirteen years of re-vegetation activities in a coal mining rehabilitation site in KutaiTimur District, East Kalimantan, with ...

Indonesian police may probe coal miners over deforestation

Indonesian Police May Probe Coal Miners Over Deforestation

Feb 18, 2021 PT Arutmin Indonesia, a subsidiary of Indonesias top coal miner by output, PT Bumi Resources, is another mining giant operating in South Kalimantan that has received the PROPER award.

Palm oil plantations coal mines linked to deadly

Palm Oil Plantations Coal Mines Linked To Deadly

Jan 20, 2021 According to data from the South Kalimantan provincial government, there were 13 coal companies with mining contracts and 160 firms with mining permits in the province as of 2013.


Local And Central Political Conflict In The

natural resources on a large scale, including coal mining activity Ginting, 2010. MINING PERMIT LICENSE IUP IN THE PROVINCE OF EAST KALIMANTAN 4 SourceDepartment of Energy and Mineral Resources of East Kalimantan 2017 Mining is an activity to draw on natural resources, such as coal and minerals, for the countrys development and the improvement of its people standard of living. Coal mining

Who owns Indonesias deadly abandoned coal mines

Who Owns Indonesias Deadly Abandoned Coal Mines

May 25, 2017 More than 630 open-pit coal mines have been left behind by mining companies in East Kalimantan. These holes have claimed the lives of at least 27 people, mostly children